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 JumppaPomppa is a pull-on dog sweater, which is easy to put on and comfortable to use. The backside is made of anti-pilling knitted plush, and the bottom part of water-repellent thermal tricot fabric. Reflectors along the side seams guarantee that your dog will also be seen in the dark. Jumppa is anti-static, and it can be used under a Pomppa coat or by itself.
Varenr.: 00161-2017
299,00 DKK
 PerusPomppa is the first model designed by Pomppa. The goal was to design a jacket that protects the dog without restricting its freedom of movement. PerusPomppa in an all-dog jacket that keeps your dog warm all year round. Its waterproof outer fabric and an anti-static teddy lining will keep your dog comfortable, be it rain, wet snow or freezing temperatures.
Varenr.: 00160-2017
489,00 DKK
Varenr.: 0900-2017
359,00 DKK
Ruff and Tumbles håndklæde dækken
ToppaPomppa is a plump and covering winter coat. Its waterproof outer fabric, soft teddy lining and well-insulating wadding will keep your dog warm even when the temperature is freezing. ToppaPomppa is designed to cover the entire dog. Soft materials, a generous sizing and a large rear panel ensure that your dog will stay warm also during breaks and waiting in the car.
Varenr.: 00163-2017
529,00 DKK
KevytPomppa is a shell jacket for dogs, which protects the dog from rain and wind. Its outer fabric, model and colours are the same as PerusPomppa’s. KevytPomppa’s lining is made of thin and anti-static knitted fabric with a soft finishing instead of teddy as in PerusPomppa. The easy-to-use rain coat’s materials make it a functional piece of clothing that your dog won’t even notice.
Varenr.: 00164-2017
449,00 DKK
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